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Mobile advertising in Poland and the world

This year's advertising expenditures have reached nearly $ 600 billion globally with estimates that more than a quarter will be invested in digital campaigns (in the UK, almost half) and one ninth on mobile. The share of mobile advertising in the German market is 7.5%, in the world's largest advertising market, namely the US - 15%, and in the UK up 18.5%.

And in Poland?
Various sources present a consistent image of Polish advertising market - the share of mobile is estimated at about 1%. To say that our market significantly lags behind the global average and still more from countries literally „in love with mobile” (as the United Kingdom) is not enough. Polish marketers do not seem to take into account the statistics that show the rapidly growing popularity of mobile devices.

We love smartphones...

At the end of the 2015 ona global scale there were 1.9 billion smartphone users, and in three years that number will exceed 2.5 billion. In the generation of young Poles (15-30 years), smartphones are in the hands of four out of every five consumers, which means they are just as popular as among their peers in Canada. And yet in 2012 the smartphone was in the hands of only every fourth Pole and the year before in the hands of one-eighth of consumers!

At the end of 2014. Poland has achieved a penetration of 50% of the mobile market (according to TNS) that puts our country quite high in the world rankings. We are far behind Singapore or South Korea, but countries such as Germany and France are ahead of us only 1-2 percentage points. European leaders are Norway and Denmark, where the penetration is slightly more than 70%. Interestingly, Poland is expected to reach 70% mobile penetration threshold already in 2016.

The picture is totally different in case of older consumers. Smartphones are in the hands of less than one-fourth of Poles aged 55-70 years and only in 5 % of 70-year-olds; in Canada in one sixth of consumers over 65 years old. Certainly smartphones are not an effective channel of communication in so-called "gray marketing".

...but tablets less.

Because of their size and usefulness tablets also offer great potential for communication with the consumer seeking information about the market offer. Unfortunately, according to PwC, the tablet has just ... every tenth of Poles.

This result is considerably worse, not only when compared with the US or the UK (more than half of the population has this device), Germany and France (just over one-third), but also China (one in five), and even Russia (one-sixth), and Brazil (one in seven). In countries with the highest penetration of tablets in next three years forcasts predict the penetration level of 55% (Australia) - 60% (United Kingdom). Globally, the number of tablet users has exceeded 1 billion and predictions suggest nearly 1.5 billion inhabitants of the planet, who in three years time will use them.

Interestingly, not only the Poles prefer smartphones than tablets. Koreans - leaders in the world rankings in penetration of smartphones (close to 90% and in case of Millenials almost 100%) can boast tablet penetration of only 18%. Forecasts are optimistic there: penetration will reach 25% in the next three years. Maybe for a couple of consumers' smartphone and laptop "works better” than a pair of smartphone and tablet?

Let us build brands the smart(phone) way

Many studies indicate that smartphones play a special role at the stage of considering the advantages of the product, and later, while shopping in the store. The ability to easily find information on interesting consumer offer, easily compare prices from different suppliers, the ability to quickly consult the decision with relatives or friends, and finally the ability to target messages precisely in those moments in which a consumer is considering buying - these values benefits of smartphones cannnot be delivered by TV or press campaign.

Of course, considering the possible use of smartphones for mobile communication we must take into account the degree of "mobile maturity" of consumers. So it is not only the fact of having a smartphone, but the versatility of its use (not just at home or at work, and not just for calling and sms-ing) and the expectations of consumers regarding brands having applications and mobile sites.

Soon mobile devices will be in the hands of almost every consumer. In countries such as the USA or Great Britain, only television is a medium, with which smartphone users spend more time than their private, 5-inch screen. However, given that just 5 years ago the advantage of TV over mobile was 7*times, it can be concluded that the equation will soon be reversed.


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