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Soul & Mind Group Brand Design Task: Launching a new brand of sausages. Designing the brand architecture based on the Client’s existing portfolio taking into account the new brand. Creating an image of the brand and sales strategy together with the communication strategy and marketing activities to support the process of the new brand launching.

Solution: A comprehensive project involving the Brand Design & Development.
As a result of a detailed analysis of the market environment, brand positioning and key competences, the architecture of the Peklimar umbrella brand was developed. The brand is recognizable and strongly associated with high quality and the Lucky Seven sub-brand. This enables the introduction of emotional communication. The family nature of the product was emphasized by the number of sausages in the package (7 pieces) adjusted to  the 2+2 family model. The culinary nature of the product was strengthened by the “Cook book offering 77 ideas for....”.

The family nature of Lucky Seven was promoted in all communication materials: websites, printed advertisements and promotional campaigns where a major family award (a new car) drew the participants’ attention to many other awards dedicated to individual family members.


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