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Wedel Kids


Concept and design of packaging for the new line of products – Wedel Kids.


Wedel is one of the most recognizable brands on chocolate and other sweets market. It decided to extend the target group to kids. The new line of products – Wedel Kids - was prepared for youngest customers.
Wedel Kids line includes OKI chocolate bars, „Czekotubka” and flagship product of Wedel - „Ptasie Mleczko”. The sweets are made from specially selected ingredients of natural origin, rich in milk and nutritious grains. „Extra portion of Energy” - this message of the entire line of kids products reminds that they are not only delicious but also provide an energy boost for young human body to function properly.

An ideal snack has to be handy – only then kids will throw it into the backpack to eat it during the lunch break or after training. Bars and „Czekotubka” are light and thus perfectly fit to small hands. „Ptasie Mleczko” for kids is divided into small flowpacks. On the packaging designed by us you can see the cheerful and friendly cow on colorful and dynamic background. All these features strongly distinguish the products and help kids to find them on a shop shelf.

The most interesting product seem to be „Czekotubka”. Kids can eat its sweet and liquid content in several ways. It can be simply squeezed out of the tube, mixed with milk or to decorate other sweets, for example biscuits. It may provide an additional impetus stimulating children's imagination and their sympathy. That's why we highlighted these 3 ideas on packaging in the form of clear pictures.


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