Jagr | Strategy and PPC campaign

Attracting internet traffic is a goal of many brands. How to make sure that your website is the one that gets the most visits? Among many available methods, you can use display and search network advertising campaigns. This was precisely the solution we suggested to our client, the Jagr company.

PPC advertising in Google and Facebook helps prepare tailored campaigns for each brand. If we know the objectives of the company, its target group and products, we will also know how to create content and what tools to use. Advertising banners, advertising in Google Search Network or Google Ads? No problem. Add to this promoting your posts on Facebook and remarketing. Thanks to a well-designed mix, you can use your budget effectively, ensuring a high ROI. Jagr, the producer of Warlubie butter, found this out when they decided to demonstrate the applications of their product to Internet users. Recipes involving Jagr’s butter proved to be immensely popular.

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