Masterm | Design of the website and communication strategy for the Sokoła 1 investment

Masterm Investment is a general contractor and trustworthy developer with more than a dozen years of experience in the Poznań real estate market. Our cooperation dates roughly as many years back, covering a comprehensive range of services provided for the company and its individual investments.

Masterm investments comprise modern and attractively located buildings designed in accordance with the latest trends. They are typical for their spacious and well-designed rooms planned in a flexible way as well as proximity to nature, the latter being in very short supply in big cities. It is enough to mention such investments are Evergreen365, Trójpole and Sokoła 1.

The functional, user-friendly and beautiful space outside and inside the buildings is the work of professional architects and interior designers. Websites should be given equal attention, especially since every investment requires one of its own.

We designed the website for the investment at Sokoła 1 Street in Poznań in line with latest web design trends. Beautiful photographs showing the location from multiple angles and at different times of the day are accompanied by minimalist graphic elements. White is offset by bright, saturated colours. The overall effect is amplified by textual content that gives even more substance to the visual message. Front-end work was carried out in parallel with back-end efforts to make sure that the website is intuitive and easy to use at the CMS level.

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