Primaverga | Managing the Facebook and Instagram profiles of Primavega brand

Our long-standing cooperation with PrimaVega Group has consisted mainly in designing packaging and providing comprehensive social media services. We have successfully built the image of the salad producer as a reliable and innovative provider of this type of products.

PrimaVega is a vegetable producer who has supplied shops all over Poland since 2012. The company specialises in the production, packaging and storage of such products as iceberg lettuce, chicory, celery, endivia, Romaine lettuce and rucola.

The current project has started recently. Our brief was to design packaging for a brand of PlantLove (we’ve already mentioned this cooperation), part of Green Factory, and place it on the market. Following the success of the project, the client asked us to take care of the Facebook image of yet another PrimaVega brand. By posting attractive content and expanding the profile’s reach, our communication is visible to customers who are present on Facebook.

The communication includes both employer branding content as well as ideas on how our client’s products can be used in the kitchen. Among others, the online profile is full of “food porn” posts encouraging the users to introduce green salads into their diet.

Our main task was to design packaging for two PrimaVega products – lamb’s lettuce and rucola. Just like any other product, they also need to be highlighted on the shop shelf. To that end, we used a strong eye-catcher in the form of a conspicuous banner with the name of the product. Moreover, the graphic design of the packaging includes clearly visible leaves of rucola and lamb’s lettuce as well as some information on how they can be used (for salads, sandwiches, pizzas etc.). To stress the health benefits of the product we added the catchphrase “Your daily portion of health” under the producer’s logo.

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