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“Can you smell it? Feel it crunch! Our products are BAKED in your local shop” – this is the message sent by the new communication strategy prepared for fresh bakery products available at Żabka shops.

The client asked us to help them develop the concept of a new communication strategy for bakery products that are readily available in almost every Żabka shop throughout the country.

The result of our cooperation is a website where you can find a dedicated clip and product photographs made entirely by ourselves. Both the clip and the photographs showcase the key assets of the buns and baguettes on offer, i.e. those aspects which attract customers who look for fresh bakery products – the smell of baking bread, the crunchy feel when the bread is cut and the delicious taste.

We started by taking photographs and shooting parts of the clip to be used as the basis for the BAKED communication strategy. Next, we focused on the verbal side of communication – we wrote texts that, besides being catchy descriptions, produce a subconscious desire to try the products.

We have also created a tab: where we arranged the portfolio, presenting the full range of the products offered by Żabka accompanied by photographs.

Using our session photos, Żabka will continue promoting its bakery products in other communication channels, including promotional catalogues, POS materials or social media.

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