Industrial Design



Our key competences:


We help create projects your customers will love. We work on form as well as function, being aware that industrial products must be not only aesthetically pleasant, but most of all functional. As part of our cooperation with clients, we verify design assumptions based on the Design Thinking methodology that enables us to gather and synthesize the largest possible amount of ideas to be used as a foundation of a good design. Such designs combine many points of view and different experiences. Having worked with companies from many industries, we have gained enough experience to understand and offer creative solutions to the problems our clients raise, regardless of the type of business they run.

When making our designs, we are mindful of the technology the client has access to (design for manufacturing), which means we do not design things that cannot be produced. Our designs are customised to the requirements and requests of the client so that they can be implemented without any problems. We offer a full range of engineering services for the design projects we have helped to implement. The experiences we have gathered while carrying out projects in many sectors, including white goods and electronics, automotive, machines and devices, medical, plastics and many more, are translated into tangible benefits for clients and their customers. Our projects have received many awards in design competitions and were well received by specialists at the largest international trade fairs in Poland and abroad.

We implement projects end-to-end, taking responsibility for the entire process – from obtaining and verifying guidelines for the brief to developing the concept, modelling, engineering, prototyping and placing the product on the market together with full marketing communication.

We are one of the largest design agencies in Poland.
For 25 years we have helped design brands and create their strategies. Besides industrial design, we also create packaging and interfaces. We offer our clients a comprehensive range of services and support throughout the design process.

We see the process through the stages of concept work, prototyping, full product engineering, material advisory and production optimisation.
Thanks to our broad range of services, we know what to do to successfully launch a product.



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