Amica | Design of a gas hob

As part of our cooperation with Amica, a Polish and European leader in the white goods sector, we were asked to carry out a design audit and upgrade the design of a gas hob targeted at the mainstream segment.

Because mainstream is one of the most numerous and most important target groups, it presents a genuine challenge for designers not only because of its size, but also due to the number of products that are dedicated to it. Its common denominator is a strong need for security. Mainstream consumers are risk-averse, make rational choices and want to preserve their peace of mind more than others do.

Designing for that group, we focused on the selection of those values and needs that are important for the client and can be communicated through visuals. To match the style of the product with the strong need for security we highlighted sturdiness and reliability. In particular, we wanted the design to communicate the fact that the hob is user-friendly, extraordinarily durable and easy to clean.

The hob was premiered during this year's IFA fair in Berlin where almost every trend and technological novelty in consumer electronics were present.

One of the largest companies in Poland, Amica has designed and produced household appliance for consumers from all over Europe for over 50 years. Never afraid to look for and implement innovations in the areas of technology and design, it has continuously maintained its leadership position, increasing its share of a highly competitive market.

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