Dobrowolski | Design of sand spreader bodywork

Dobrowolski has recently implemented our design for the external elements of its sand spreader – a specialist equipment dedicated to road maintenance in winter.

We started the design process by a thorough analysis of the market, competition, trends and the criteria followed by different bodies (usually local governments) during the selection of such vehicles. We also thought about the design potential of the currently applied technology. We tried to identify the weak and strong points of the machines now produced by Dobrowolski, looking for improvement opportunities.

And we found them! Designing the external appearance of the machines, we used two main materials – sheet metal and plastic (laminate in this case). Thanks to the changes we've introduced in cooperation with Dobrowolski’s designers, it was possible to increase the capacity of the machine’s lateral containers by 1000 litres. Carried out with the client, the design process itself took about three months.

In a way, the design of the sand spreader complemented the solution we offered to the same client three years previously, namely the PPE 32 plough used to remove snow and slush from the roads. The machine is seemingly uncomplicated from the point of view of industrial design, but we designed it to stand out against competition – the plough has an unusual front panel with the ribbing arranged in a symmetrical, "muscular" pattern. This way, the simple road-maintenance tool draws the eye, makes an impression of a robust and reliable piece of equipment and looks very professional.

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