Melex | From a golf course to city streets!

In Poland the name Melex has become synonymous with electric vehicles. Present in the market for over 40 years, the company is one of the leading producers of those environment-friendly machines. Although they were initially produced to meet the demand for golf course vehicles in the USA, they can now be found all over Europe.

Today, the company offers over one hundred different models used not only on golf courses, but primarily in factories, logistic centres, spas, hospitals, funeral companies, airports, railway stations, parks etc.

Model 363 – closing the rear of the bodywork opened up new possibilities!

On 27-30 March 2014, Melex presented its new MODEL 363 at the Motor Show trade fair in Poznań. The vehicle may become an alternative for combustion-engine city cars as a small taxi cab or a private vehicle driven around the city. Its design highlights modern appearance, quality and environment-friendly nature. The design team took care to retain Melex’s specific character, matching the new elements with the existing front of the vehicle.

The advantage of electric cars is that they can be driven in places that are not accessible to traditional vehicles. The small size of the 363 Model makes it easy to park in more and more crowded cities. As one of the few such vehicles, Melex is approved to be driven on public roads in the European Union.

Importantly, in many Polish cities, electric vehicles can access places where conventional cars cannot go. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the new model can “squeeze” into very tight backstreets and packed urban car parks.

Given Melex’s achievements, it should come as no surprise that the company was awarded by automotive journalists at the Motor Show 2014 for its continued production of electric vehicles that are a trademark of their country of origin.

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