Asprod | Packaging design for yeast buns with crumble topping

Asprod is a Szczecin-based bakery and confectionery manufacturer with a long-standing history and experience of producing delicious food for the entire family. Their specialty is fresh bakery products, but they also meet customer needs by offering packaged products that can stay fresh for longer. It was our privilege to design packaging for one such product ­– yeast buns with crumble topping.

One package contains 6 buns, an amount that is perfect for the entire family, for example as an everyday breakfast option. As we worked on the packaging design concept, our aim was to communicate the messages associated with Asprod: Polishness, hospitality, family atmosphere and passion. We wanted the packaging to say that its content is perfect for meetings with your loved ones, a moment to take some rest over a shared cup of tea or coffee.

Hence, the colour scheme is based on warm hues of brown, orange and white, triggering associations with hearth and home. We have used different types of font, including those that bring to mind handwritten notes used daily in every kitchen. We have also included a warm message saying that the content was “baked with heart” which we hope will intrigue and amuse the customers.















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