Balviten | Design and packaging for a new bread brand

Balviten is the leader in the production of gluten-free food in the Polish market. Besides creating a whole communication strategy, the company asked us to prepare a concept and packaging design for wholegrain bread.

Wholegrain bread is yet another product of the Balviten brand our designers have been entrusted with. Being a premium product, it is marketed to conscious customers who value the quality and composition of food. We have therefore made sure that its layout sends a clear message, communicating those qualities that make the product stand out on the shelf.

Distinct pictograms and the symbol of a valid certificate inform customers that the bread is vegan and contains no sugar, yeast, gluten or lactose. The message is supported by visuals, and in particular the centrally-located appetiser based on a photograph taken in our studio. All of the designed elements, including the background that resembles the texture of environment-friendly paper, strengthen the impression of a natural and premium product. They are also consistent with the packaging of other products, building a positive and professional image of the Balviten brand.

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