Baron | Packaging design of protein "BAR ON" BARS

Millano is one of our longstanding clients. We were therefore all the more happy to take on another challenge – designing packaging for protein bars.

Our guiding principle was minimalism. The name of the bar is the same as that of the entire brand – Baron – but it is written in a different way.

We have divided the name to obtain two short words whose meaning perfectly fits the marketing concept. The word BAR is amplified by the word ON as a symbol of activating something, for example an electronic device. This very well reflects the injection of energy offered by the protein bar.

Our design has been aligned with that concept – it is simple and legible just like an electronic display board.

The word ON is written on a round, distinctive element that resembles a switch button or a dial. The elegant black background is not only ideal for showcasing the main assets of the product but also universal: it matches both an elegant briefcase as well as a small purse.

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