Be Vege | Concept and packaging design for a brand of plant-based dishes

BeVege is a modern brand that offers meat-free products.

Brand Design task:
Packaging concept and logo for the BeVege brand.

Design and implementation:
Responding to the trend for healthy and conscious eating, our client decided to expand their product range by an interesting alternative to the daily diet – meat-free dishes and cold cuts. We were tasked with developing the concept of the main line of packaging and a logo for vegetarian dishes.

We started by acknowledging the fact that, besides the fashion for healthy eating, there is still the lingering belief that meat-free dishes are not tasty. Designing the packaging, we had to find a solution that would communicate the absence of meat as well as the exceptional taste of the products.

To address this, we put the following message on the packaging: “0% meat, 100% taste”. The front of the package also carries important information about the composition and nutritional value of the product communicated, among others, through pictograms highlighting the lack of monosodium glutamate and phosphates. We put the name of the brand – BeVege – next to the image of a green leaf, a reference to the natural origin of the product. As for the total effect of the design, we opted for a light touch, subdued colours and very appetising photos serving as an effective eye-catcher.

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