Biedronka | New packaging for the Swojska Chata private label

Swojska Chata is Biedronka’s private label of traditional ready-made meals.

Brand Design task:
Packaging rebranding for Swojska Chata.

Design and implementation:
The Biedronka chain of supermarkets decided to refresh the image of its private label, Swojska Chata, under which it offers traditional dishes (“just like your mom’s”). Ready-made pierogis, dumplings and pancakes are the answer to the daily “lunch problem” faced by those who don’t have either the time or the inclination to cook themselves, but would like to eat something filling and tasty.

Swojska Chata offers traditional lunches for every household and our task was to put them in modern packaging that would underline the home-made nature of the dishes. To achieve this, we opted for a minimalist design and a visual concept that evoke traditional associations and follow a strong natural trend.

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