Chlebszy Craft Bakery | Concept and design eco packaging

Our clients' portfolio includes a small, craft bakery from Poznań, which offers bread made on the basis of a traditional recipe and from high-quality ingredients. Chlebszy is a workshop where bread is baked without the addition of yeast, and the secret of taste are long-term rye leaven, three-stage fermentation and ... great passion of the owners. They decided to develop and implement brand-oriented activities on the local market.

We started our cooperation with naming and creating a bakery name.


The combination of the words "bread" and "better" resulted in a name that not only emphasizes the uniqueness of the craft bakery, but also has been optimistically received on the market ... and in our team! In Chlebszy, we regularly buy bread, and every Friday we can eat fresh bread from Chlebszy in our agency kitchen!

The next stage of cooperation was designing the logo - simple, elegant, with a graphic element of rye. It blends perfectly with the materials we created: a transparent leaflet presenting the client's offer or a stamp for paper bags. We've also created a "chlebsza tytka” - a cotton bag for bread, and a special tag telling you how to wash it. The idea refers to traditional sacks in which grain was stored. The graphically designed "breadtaker" ideally refers to the tradition of flour and bread production and the local character of the bakery.

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