Dakri | New design packaging

The FMCG industry is a demanding market sector. Store shelves are bending from the competition products, so it's worth attracting the customer not only with the high quality of the products offered, but also with the persuasive function of the packaging design called "silent seller". The introduction of new packaging projects, provided that they effectively implement the brand positioning strategy - this is usually a favorable step on the way to increasing sale.

This step was taken by the Dakri brand - the Polish leader in the production of baking bread, sold in frozen form (used for baking in stores and supermarkets) and ready to eat (packed in Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology).

Changing trends

Recently customers were afraid of packaged bread. Today, it is an increasingly preferred product not only because of its shorter composition, but also because of greater availability, convenience in preparation and storage. This is confirmed by current consumer trends and the growing sale of this product group. Especially now, in a COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to the long-term convenience of fresh bread at home (up to 30 days), it is also important to be aware of product safety - MAP packaging technology allows the safe and sterile transport of bread. Unlike traditional rolls, bread and others, no one has touched them before.

What have we done?

We started cooperation by designing a refreshed version of the packaging. Our role was to prepare a persuasive, impact design that young people would like to reach for. That is why every type of bread offered by the Dakri brand received "special ambassador". On the packaging we will put drawing characters that, thanks to the use of comic quotes, convey the company's slogan "Bake at home until they blush". Our graphics contain drawings of, among others bearded handsome, fitness instructor, modern housewife and smiling chef in a traditional, gastronomic hat. They all wear an apron giving a simple message: every customer can prepare delicious, warm and crispbread at home, almost like from traditional bakery.

In addition, we used the refreshed logo in new packaging designs. Despite the fact that his refresh was delicate, the logo acquired a modern character and allowed to release communication potential. A minor correction consisted of opening the mark by removing the red background; We also changed the font color with the brand name to dark brown. The logo "released" in this way allowed to gain additional space on the packaging itself.


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