Fiprex | New packaging for biocidal products for animals

Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Vet-Agro Sp. z o.o., owner of the FIPREX brand, is a Polish producer of veterinary medicines, biocides and other specialist products dedicated to animals. One of the most popular brands in the sector, FIPREX had to refresh its packaging layout to remain competitive. We helped the company achieve this as part of the general packaging design project.

Our task was to thoroughly analyse the market and develop a new packaging design for the entire FIPREX product line. We started by analysing the logotype. We also looked for a new graphic solution that, while being similar to the previous one, would bring a totally new quality to shop shelves.

As a result, we designed a light logo around the key element – the symbol of a dog – integrating it neatly with the brand’s name. The new, modern logo immediately positions the brand in the sector – it is familiar to old customers and at the same time attractive for new ones.

We didn’t stop at the logo, though. To implement our original vision of packaging design, we needed specific photographs. We therefore organised a photo session in our studio in a setting that is natural for the brand and invited several canine celebrities whose behaviour in front of the camera was, well, picture perfect. The result is a series of coherent and colourful photographs thanks to which the products can be easily identified on the shelf.

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