Joanna | Packaging design for the "after covid19" product series

Joanna, a brand well familiar to the Poles, has offered a wide range of cosmetic for everyday professional care for years. It is appreciated for its ability to follow trends and upgrade its offer by adding products to meet customer expectations. One of them is the AFTER COV19 product series.

Drawing on the studies involving people who have recovered from COVID 19, Joanna decided to launch products that help deal with the problem of hair loss.

Our job was to help the brand develop a packaging layout for a series of totally new, specialist products. Designing the packaging, we used the term COVID 19 to reach the people who are recovering from the disease and make it easier to differentiate the series from other, everyday products. Steel-like greys communicate professionalism while red captions catch the eye, evoking clear associations with medical care. The straightforward communication of benefits is supported by a simple drawing demonstrating that the product has a positive impact on hair.

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