Packaging design by SoulandMind for Green Mill ciders Kompania Piwowarska

Green Mill is the first cider in Kompania Piwowarska’s portfolio. The natural and refreshing low-alcohol drink is made of 100% apple juice through the process of natural fermentation without sugar or chemical additives.

Brand Design task:
Refresh the image of the Green Mill brand through the design of individual and collective packaging.

Design and implementation:
Working on the assignment, we were motivated by the main assumption of the brief: produce a new design that would underline the key attributes of the product and position the brand right in the centre of the cider category. The qualities that provided us with a sense of direction throughout the entire process were lightness, refreshment and the natural feel.

The label is dominated by the image of an apple with the graphic sign of the brand and a clear badge saying that the product is made of 100% apple juice. The visual identity is based on the right balance of natural colours – two shades of green and pure white – conveying the impression of lightness.

In addition to the bottle, we also designed collective packaging. The graphic design was created based on the important role this type of packaging plays at the point of sale. The new packaging design was put in practice and the refreshed version of the cider is now available on the market.


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