Kucharek | Product portfolio redesign and logo lifting

The Kucharek brand is No. 1 in Poland in the universal spices category. The brand's portfolio includes also stock cubes, powdered soups, liquid spices, sauces and dried vegetables.

Brand Design task:
Product portfolio redesign and Kucharek logo lifting

Design and implementation:
Even the most iconic brands need refreshment from time to time. It was no different with Kucharek, the universal spice No. 1 in Poland. Due to the growing awareness of consumers and their willingness to follow trends in the culinary art, it became necessary to develop a new packaging design to fit into this trend.

The overarching goal was to change the consumer's thinking about the brand and clearly communicate the benefits that consumers desire.
When designing the packaging, we also wanted to emphasize the fact that this spice belongs to traditional Polish cuisine and to conquer the brand's slogan that Kucharek is "The best for Polish dishes".

The first step in this direction was a gentle lifting of the logo, and more specifically - changing the second plan from yellow to green. This seemingly minor procedure has a huge impact on consumer perception. The second very important aspect was the change of the brand's colors, from blue to navy blue. Thanks to this, the brand is associated both more qualitatively and naturally.

The reference to the climate of the Polish countryside and the field already on the packaging helps create specific associations and build a natural image of the brand. To authenticate this message, we placed a leaf in the central part of the package with a list of benefits - quality statements and information, which is not in the composition. The brand hero brand, i.e. the character of Kucharek, has also undergone a change. We refined his clothing and took care of a more open pose. Our goal was to show the chef as a symbol of professionalism, and at the same time accessible and distant, which emphasizes the values ​​identical to the benefits of the product.

The new product design has been highly rated and has gained a favorable reception from consumers both on the Polish and foreign markets.

After the universal spice, the time has come for a new layout of broth cubes. The most important thing was that it should be consistent with the universal spice layout, and at the same time communicate the flavor variants. We focused on clear pictograms and using of colors that makes the packaging transparent. All this so that informed consumers can make better choices faster and more efficiently.

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