Monini | Concept and packaging design for the new brand Rice&MORE

Rice&MORE 90 sek. is a Monini brand of original natural grain blends that are pre-boiled and ready to be served.

Brand Design task:
Communication strategy for Rice&MORE 90sek, a continuation of Monini’s innovative series.

Design and implementation:
Our task was to create the entire communication strategy for a new product continuing Monini’s innovative series.

The people in our target group appreciate healthy eating, but do not always have the time to prepare a full meal. Hence the claim we have created to identify the key asset of the product: “Delicious dish: NOW!”. The claim is a leitmotif of the many graphic materials we have prepared.

The design also incorporates the motif of leaves to underline the product’s organic nature. All graphic elements are placed against a white background to produce the feeling of lightness. This makes the consumer transfer the impressions related to the packaging onto the product itself.

Our actions were also guided by the conclusions of our analyses showing that, in this case, the most efficient market communication tools will be those that reach consumers online. Consequently, we have focused our efforts mainly on rich media, including social media.


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