Nestlé | New candy bar packaging

Nestlé approached us with a request to modernise their muesli bar packaging. Besides the appearance itself, we have focused on the arrangement of graphic messages, the key features of the product and an appetising product demo.

The main task of our agency was to highlight the natural, healthy ingredients of the product and communicate its taste qualities through graphic elements. Our designs are simple and transparent in terms of layout, their warm colours reflecting the basic ingredients of muesli bars – strawberries, bananas, sour cherries and chocolate. The attractive shades of red, yellow, fuchsia and brown are well matched to the photographs taken in our studio located in the right-hand corner of the packaging.

On the left, there is an integral green strip with the wholegrain logo which draws attention to the main ingredient of the bars: “Whole Grain – No.1 Ingredient”. The message about the natural, healthy composition of Nestlé products is reinforced by the centrally located, framed slogan “Made with OATS”. We have also used a paper-like texture of the packaging to stress the environment-friendly nature of the product.

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