Poltino | Concept and design of the Pyszna Zupa brand

The idea for an innovative product on the Polish market – cream soup sold in portions – was born during one of the meetings with our client. The owner of the Poltino brand was looking for a way to use fully valuable vegetables, which could not be put in classic blends due to their condition. We found that it was enough to have them blended and then frozen into handy briquettes to obtain something that has never been seen in Poland before – a tasty cream soup and an interesting alternative to mixed frozen soup vegetables, powdered instant soups or liquid soups.
Our team has developed the entire concept of the new brand – from the name, logotype and visual identity, through original photographs and packaging design and other supporting materials, to a comprehensive strategy for product launch and consistent brand communication. We started with research to identify the most important benefits of the soup – that it is made with vegetables from the least polluted regions of Poland, that it is 100% natural, that it is frozen in portions for easy serving and storage, and that it has a unique taste. We decided to highlight this last benefit in the name itself – Pyszna Zupa (delicious soup).

In order to differentiate the new and innovative product, we focused on tasty appetizers and distinctive colours, each corresponding to one flavour version. Being mindful of our target group – people who are active, take care of the quality of their diet and look for fast and smart solutions – we have included short instructions on how to prepare the meals. The colourful, convenient cartons look good in the fridge and definitely stand out against competition.

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