Prymat | Labels for alcohol based mustard

Prymat has launched a genuine innovation in this product category – mustard with alcohol added! We are not only happy with the results of the work that we were part of, but we also enjoy the great taste combinations.
Knowing that the mustard market is very big and competition is not idle, Prymat launched three new products to respond to consumers’ changing needs and their curiosity. The move sends a strong signal that the brand continues on the path of robust development and can be creative about combining tastes. Together with the company, we've designed labels for new alcohol-based mustards (with whiskey, with beer and honey and with plum brandy). To match the appearance of the other Prymat products, the labels feature a white, distinctive background. Each “taste” is clearly marked by very large descriptions and photographs of basic ingredients as well as consistent elements such as a glass of whiskey or a tankard with beer and honey. We have also included a heat scale expressed graphically and verbally (MILD, HOT, VERY HOT).
It was yet another project we have delivered for the Prymat brand. We are happy that our design has appealed to the client and that the result of our work (the product on the shelf) can be seen in the largest retail networks throughout the country. Our cooperation with Prymat is based on mutual understanding and the experiences contributed by each party. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for sales figures.


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