Schulstad | Packaging design for Free Style

Schulstad is a leader in the sale of bread with an extensive range of nearly 40 varieties of bakery products.

Brand Design task:
Repositioning of the Schulstad bakery brand.

Design and implementation:
As part of the push to unify the brand portfolio, the Skoga brand of Lantmannen Unibake products (fast food bakery products) has been integrated with Schulstad. We were therefore asked to reposition the brand which included, among other things, the creation of the strategy, name and visual identity of the new Schulstad Free Style brand.

The name Free Style refers to the freedom of choice and the wealth of possibilities to create dishes offered by ready-made bakery products. We wanted to underline that, even though buns are a staple product for hot-dogs and hamburgers, it is only when you add your favourite vegetables, meat and sauces that they get a unique style and appearance.

It was particularly this last element that we tried to highlight through the unconventional appetisers shot in our photo studio. The large, professional photographs of impressive snacks taken from the most appealing angles (top down or straight on) communicate the range of possible things you can do with buns, e.g. turn them into your favourite snacks. The visual concept of labels corresponds to the professional, modern, Scandinavian image of the Schulstad brand.

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