Velvet | "Save nature" sign identification system

In today’s world we are often witnessing worrying signs of climate change, depletion of natural resources and global pollution. Velvet CARE, the producer of popular Velvet toilet paper, towels and tissues, does not want to stand idle and has decided to take action to prevent these developments.

This year, the Velvet brand is carrying out a campaign with the motto “We act today with tomorrow in mind” whose aim is to take care of our planet so that it remains beautiful, green and clean. Velvet CARE communication is centred around the special Save Nature eco sign that we have created. It has helped the brand to inform its customers, comprehensively and unequivocally, about its sustainable development and the important steps it has taken to protect the environment.

The sign sends a clear message about the practices Velvet follows throughout its production process. We have presented them in a legible way through white and green graphics reminiscent of a flower, a symbol of nature. The message of the eco sign is also encapsulated by the centrally located words “Save Nature”, an umbrella slogan for the other elements of the iconography that symbolise the environmental endeavours of the brand, including:

• protection of forests,
• recycling of packaging and raw materials,
• saving water throughout the production process,
• reduced use of plastics,
• reduced carbon footprint.

The sign and icons we have designed have also been incorporated into Velvet’s image-building spot.
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