Strategic Design


A strong brand should talk in the language of customers and meet their real needs. But how do you differentiate it from competitors? This requires a diligent and well-planned strategy. Our concept work and the later stage of design are always supported by a thorough audit of the brand’s current positioning as well as its target groups and competition.

Depending on the results, we plan the right sequence of actions, that is an efficient brand strategy. Our work is founded on hard data gathered during marketing research, as well as in-depth knowledge gained through the design thinking methodology. This helps us define precisely how your brand should be perceived by target groups.

What next? The positioning strategy established during the research stage is translated into the language of the brand. We develop a clear narrative communicated through both graphic design and verbal messages. Creating a consistent communication strategy, we select the most efficient tools and solutions to be used in a given situation, e.g. multi-channelling.

Find out what extraordinary effects can be achieved by marrying your knowledge and market sense with our 25-year-long experience in many sectors. The most effective solutions are the product of knowledge combined with creativity.

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