Balviten | Rebranding and brand strategy

Balviten is the leader in the production of gluten-free food in the Polish market. Thanks to our long-term cooperation – which included new graphic design for the existing and new packaging; refreshed, interactive website; and active communication in social media (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube) to support the brand image – it was possible to increase the interest in the brand and its products by several hundred percent.

As usual, we started by a thorough analysis of the brand and its market environment. Based on that we developed a brand positioning strategy and translated it into a communication plan. The new strategy has introduced major visual identity changes which included a new logotype and KV. Green was changed into invigorating, optimistic orange, which made the product immediately recognisable on the shelf as a distinct and attractive splash of colour. The new packaging is supported by appetising photographs of dishes taken in our own studio as well as clearly worded instructions on how to use the products. The refreshed Balviten brand was premiered at the international IBA fair in Munich.

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