Monini | New concept of brand communication

Monini is the leading Italian producer of olive oil, exporting the product to over 30 countries all over the globe. Due to the continued expansion of the brand, the client entrusted us with designing a communication strategy that would not only increase sales, but also improve market recognition of its products and raise consumer awareness of their properties and applications.

Given these sales and image objectives, we have developed a new formula of consumer promotion, opting for consistency at each stage of the process. Key visuals, image communication and even competition awards – all support the key benefits of the brand and project a consistent image. Communication was based on the brand’s characteristic shades of green, the mechanism of promotion engaging consumers already at the level of the product. The key brand attributes – taste, quality and the original, "Italian" nature – have been reflected in competition prizes focused around the idea of cooking.

The elements of brand communication we have designed included the brand claim, promotional clip added to the existing television spot, dedicated tab on the official webpage and a pendant.

In addition, to ensure the best quality of Monini’s communication, we decided to harness the power of television to reinforce the image of the brand as the extra-virgin olive oil that is most often purchased and selected by the Poles. To achieve this, we have prepared a 30-second ad whose aim was to underscore the positive emotions related to eating (the feast of the senses offered by Monini’s olive oil) and highlight the taste and quality of the product that corresponds so well to recent lifestyle trends.

It was the first Monini spot shot outside Italy that was broadcast by major TV stations. Underlying the unique style of the brand, this excellent and finely crafted ad is a good complement to Monini’s existing advertising activities. The sophisticated and expressive nature of the spot was also appreciated by the viewers.

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