Plant Love | Concept and strategy of a new brand

Poles are increasingly aware of healthy eating. We eat less meat, choosing fruit and vegetables instead. This can only be healthy – say dieticians and Plant Love, a brand that has decided to differentiate its products to better reach customers.

Plant Love offers salads sold with the root system. This keeps the plants alive and growing, and allows customers to enjoy their freshness and crispness all year round. Vegetables Innovations Sp. z o.o., the owner of the brand and salad producer, prioritises environment-friendly production carried out in peat pots that are fully biodegradable.

However, a product that is so environment-friendly and extraordinary needs good marketing if it is to be purchased by customers. To this end, we have developed a number of solutions to increase the recognisability and competitive edge of the brand.

First, we designed a modern, animated website – Among others, we used an animation of the beating heart to emphasise the fact that the salad is alive.

In addition to the sections with the product range and company values, the selection panel also contains a section with educational materials where we and the client explain to the customers how to grow salad in a pot and discuss the secrets of hydroponic cultivation and its benefits for the environment.

Part of the communication strategy is the social media profile called Niech Żyje Sałata (Long Live Salad) that we have created and maintained on Facebook and Instagram. Besides lifestyle posts, the profile also educates readers on healthy eating and environment-friendly salad production. At the same time, we run Facebook Ads and Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns.

The layout of the website and the graphic elements (digital and social media) have been designed in a way to emphasise the sustainable process of salad production and the biodegradable nature of packaging.

One way of achieving this was by displaying website content against a cardboard background. We have also created a number of BTL and POS materials.

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