Tofi Horses | Brand strategy

Our clients help us broaden our knowledge, sometimes in very specialised areas. In this case, thanks to Tofi Horses, a brand offering non-molasses beet pulp, we’ve learnt something about breeding and feeding horses.

Tofi Horses is a producer of feed for horses obtained from the by-product of refining beets into sugar. The non-molasses beet pulp is a high-energy type of feed (resembling dry granules) that, as horse breeders themselves claim, has a very good impact on the physical condition and health of the animals.

Tofi Horses is a private label of Pfeifer & Langen (owner of the Diamant brand, among others) whose production plants derive by-products from sugar beet processing. As part of our cooperation with its sub-brand, Tofi Horses, we have developed a brand strategy and communication materials.

We started by designing a new logotype and packaging. Our suggestion was to combine black and dark green to underline the fact that the pulp is made of natural ingredients. One of the elements of our elegant and subtle packaging design is the image of a galloping horse, a visual hint that the high quality of the feed has a positive effect on the good physical condition of horses, helping them to develop muscle.

We were also responsible for preparing press layouts and expert articles on the feeding of horses that were posted on the Internet and published in trade journals such as „Hodowca i Jeździec” [Breeder and Rider]. In addition, we developed graphic materials to support the brand's presence on the market.


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