Eckert | Design of the Sapphire oxygen-plasma cutter

Eckert has 25 years of experience in designing and producing cutting machines and fully automated work stations. One of its flagship products is Sapphire, a machine used for highly dynamic and precise automated 3D cutting of sheet metal, pipes and profiles. Our task was to carry out a design audit and prepare a totally new design for the machine’s casing.

The strategy we adopted was to highlight not only the aesthetic qualities of the product, but also its innovativeness, reliability and effectiveness. We decided to showcase these assets through a very dynamic shape and a new white-and-sapphire colour scheme, a reference to the name of the machine.

The premiere of the revamped Sapphire cutter was an important element of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Eckert and the presentation of the company’s new visual identity during one of the world’s largest automotive events – Innovation, Technology, Machines MACH-TOOL in Poznań.

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