Frutina | Packaging design for breakfast cereals

Nestlé is the largest food company in the world and the global leader in the production of breakfast cereals, baby food, powder milk, instant coffee, ice-cream, mineral water and pet food. One of their brands is FRUTINA. It is for this brand that we have designed rebranded packaging.

NESTLE, the producer of breakfast cereals and our client, decided to refresh the packaging of their FRUTINA brand. The new design was to respond to consumer insights that identified a trend for healthy living and a clear shift towards nature.

To achieve that goal, we have decided to refer to the analogous qualities that were already present in the Frutina product – a combination of crunchy wholegrain wheat cereals, resins and apples coming from Polish orchards – and bring them to the fore in the communication of product features.

Just like before, the new logo is based on the symbol of the ear of corn, except now it is much lighter, simpler and minimalist. We have kept the image of the spoon which evokes clear associations with breakfast and cereals, but we placed it in the very centre of the packaging together with the appetising product demo surrounded by the information about ingredients and the most important attributes of the product. Brand positioning is completed with the texture-like background.

The rebranding process achieved all of the set goals. The refreshed packaging is not only more modern, but also immediately communicates the message that Nestlé FRUTINA cereals are ideal for all conscious consumers who want to improve their well-being.

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