Wedel | Concept and packaging of the Wedel kids line

Wedel is a Polish producer of chocolate and confectionery products.

Brand Design task:
Concept, creation and packaging design for the new Wedel Kids line.

Design and implementation:
Wedel – one of the most recognisable chocolate and confectionery brands – decided to expand its target group to include children. It is with them in mind that the company developed a new line of products. The new Wedel Kids brand includes OKI bars, Czekotubka and Wedel’s flagship product Ptasie Mleczko. The delicacies are made solely from carefully selected, natural ingredients with a high content of milk and nutritious grains. The fact that Wedel Kids products are not only tasty, but also provide energy that is necessary for the proper development of a young body is brought home by design packaging, and specifically the functional message of the entire line: “a portion of extra energy”.

A perfect snack that a child will gladly throw into the school bag to be eaten during a break or after workout needs to be designed for convenience. The OKI bar and Czekotubka are compact and fit small hands ideally, while the Kids version of Ptasie Mleczko is divided into small flowpack portions. Our packaging design is based on the image of a carefree, friendly little cow drawn against a colourful, dynamic background. We have thus managed to develop a strong visual identity of the product to help children find their favourite chocolate bar on the shop shelf.

It seems that the most interesting product is Czekotubka as its sweet, liquid content can be eaten in one of several ways – directly out of the tube, mixed with milk or as decoration on, for example, a cake. This works as yet another element that can win favour with children and stir their imagination, which is why the packaging design highlights these 3 ideas through clear images.

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