Hochland | New packaging and Super Choco

Hochland has recently launched its first cream cottage cheese with a chocolate taste under the Hochland Kanapkowy brand. Our creating studio prepared the final packaging layout for the product as well as its brand hero – Super Choco – continuing the strategy of “quite a character” sandwich cheeses.

The client approached us because they planned to launch a new cream cottage cheese with a chocolate taste. Our task was to design the packaging, key visuals and the Brand Hero who would be the main graphic element of the design. The hero was to correspond to the taste of the product (chocolate) and be consistent with the previous communication line and strategy of the Hocholand Kanapkowy brand (“quite a character” cheeses). He appeared not only on packaging, but also in other communication media (e.g. digital).

Super Choco joined the family of “characters” representing the other taste varieties of Hocholand Kanapkowy: Alina Wędlina von Schinka z Szynkiem (ham), Franuś Szczypiorek (dill), Ula Cebula (onion), Mieczysław Ogórek (cucumber), the Czosnek family (garlic) – Ostry, Silny and Mocny (strong, powerful and mighty) and Mieszko „Prezes” Mleczek (milk). You can learn more about all the “strong characters” of Kanapkowy by going to and social media profiles.

Super Choco’s special power is mood uplifting and energy injection. He is always ready to give a helping hand. He is very sensitive and always puts the well-being of others first. This sometimes gets him into a lot of trouble but, being a superhero, he always comes out on top. In our creation, the chocolate Brand Hero wears an eye mask and a cape, just like a superhero would!

The client’s brief made it clear that packaging had to be first and foremost visually appealing and should also stand out from the other Hochland Kanapkowy varieties. In addition to Super Choco, the packaging also features photographs of a sandwich (as a serving suggestion) and chocolate bars to reinforce the appetising message. The pictures were made in our own photo studio.

The colour scheme of the entire design refers to chocolate – words, contexts and the logotype area are all brown. The packaging design also incorporates the most important differentiators of the cheese (“from Polish milk” and “distinct taste”) and a mark saying that the product was made in Poland. We have designed packaging for both the standard and mini versions.

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