Neonail | Packaging design for series of vitamin nail cosmetics

New packaging design, natural ingredients present in nail cosmetics, and a well-known brand. In a nutshell, this was one the recent projects we have delivered for NEONAIL, a producer of hybrid nail polish for women. Some of the products are now appearing at the producer’s points of sale.

Right after a major change of its logotype, NEONAIL decided to expand its offer of care cosmetics and introduce a consistent packaging design for the VITAMINS, PROTEIN and FIBER product series.
The new, minimalist packaging for the series was given simple and very clear appearance. We used white bottles that not only stand out against black nail varnish packaging, but also refer to the nature of the product – VITAMNS, PROTEIN, FIBER and Cuticle Oil are care cosmetics that are quickly absorbed and do not leave any traces.
We were inspired by the natural ingredients that make each product different. Indeed, the ingredients appear, as pink pictograms, on immaculately white packaging topped with a silver/chrome cap. For example, Revital Base FIBER contains a large amount of nylon fibres that are beneficial for the nail plate, and Cover Base PROTEIN is rich in protein. As for the vitamin conditioner Cuticle Oil, its list of ingredients includes 97% of almond oil and macadamia fruit. The design developed for this product is in fact best correlated with its natural composition. The packaging was amplified with the image of a light-green leaf. One of the refreshed cosmetics was VITAMINS Nail Cleaner (nail degreaser with natural ingredients such as retinol, calcium and a vitamin complex for the delicate nail plate).
The products are gradually placed on the market and we keep an eye on how consumers react to their new appearance. The first opinions have been positive – we’re waiting for more!







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