Poltino | New concept of graphic packaging designs

We are pleased that customers come back to us with new orders. This is our the greatest success and confirmation that what we do makes sense. It was so in this case - as part of another cooperation with the Poltino brand.

The variety of products from the FMCG industry forces manufacturers to constantly follow changing trends. This is the case with the development of the product range - no change causes a decrease customer's interest, a decrease in customer's interest in the product offer causes a decrease in sales, a decrease in sales causes ... You know the end of this sentence.

One step ahead of the competition.

To stay one step ahead of the competition, look for ideas to highlight your offer. Shopping novelties, even if they only take the form of refreshed packaging, bring measurable benefits to the company. This is confirmed by the Poltino brand, which decided to refreshing the packaging of their products. Poltino is a manufacturer of frozen fruits and vegetables, valued in the industry, as well as ready meals, soups and mixtures of wide use. 
Thanks to the freezing process, Poltino offers products that help keep fruit and vegetables rich in flavors and colors as well as full nutritional value. 
A few years ago, the company decided to develop new packaging, the creation of which we were responsible for over 50 products. Today, Poltino's products have come back to our studio to refresh and modernize their 7 product groups.

The cooperation - similarly to the first implementation - involved the creation of a new concept of graphic packaging designs. The delicate refresh of the graphic design adds freshness, lightness and simplicity to the packaging. We did not change the logo, we rather focused on changing the context in which it is presented. In addition, the change and unification of the background gave to this project more modern and is more visible among products in the same segment. Our photo studio also had a lot of work, which made new, attractive photos of vegetables and fruits, which are part of the packaging design.

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