Diamant | Concept, website design and marketing of a spring sales campaign

What do tigers like best? Sweets? Competitions? Both! That is why we started the spring season with a sweet competition, where you could show off your creativity and win very sweet prizes from Diamant.

The six weeks of our competition were measured out by six different tasks published on Facebook. Solutions were awarded by sweets – we sent out 300 prizes! The campaign was supported by ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Display Network. In the case of GDN, we achieved 33,431,506 banner views. This allowed us to expand the reach, but also boost commitment by encouraging people to send in comments about competition posts.

The Diamant competition has been a family event almost every time as Internet users shared photographs of their family get-togethers. Even though most entries showed photographs of children, old people also sent in their photographs, thus confirming that the competition was attractive for all age groups. In the comments section, people marked their friends, extending the reach of Competition Spring and encouraging others to like their entries.

Given the success of the initiative, we also prepared the summer and autumn editions.

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