Zeelandia | Concept and design of the new Sweet Velvet brand

Zeelandia is a leader in the development of confectionery, bakery and food products.

Brand Design task:
Design of Sweet Velvet packaging.

Design and implementation:
Zeelandia decided to create a new line of dessert sauces under the brand name Neverland. We have developed not only the name, logotype and visual identity, but also a host of attractive advertising materials.

The name Sweet Velvet communicates two important qualities of the product – sweetness and the velvety, silky consistence of the sauces.
The elegant, black-and-white packaging, the contrasting colours and appetisers and the colourful catalogue transport us to a slightly fabulous and pleasant world of childhood tastes – ice cream, waffles and fruit snacks.

The labels have been designed to be clearly legible both when the bottles sit on the table and when they are placed in a dedicated dispenser. Put one next to another, they create a distinct, unmistakable splash of colour encouraging consumers to use the product. The Sweet Velvet line turned out to be a hit and revolutionised the market of sweet sauces.

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