Dobra kaloria | Concept and packaging for a new plant-based brand

The trend to cut down on meat consumption is growing. Almost 60% of Poles declare that they eat or want to eat less meat, which makes them the so-called flexitarians. This is directly related to the increased public awareness of healthy eating and the need to take care of nature and farm animals.

Our client, Dobra Kaloria, decided to launch convenience plant-based burgers and meatballs, expanding their portfolio by lunch products. The products taste like meat, even though they contain no meat, soya, preservatives, colourings, glutamate or phosphate. The dishes are entirely plant-based, consisting mainly of sprouts.

Based on the photos taken in our studio, we have worked with our client to design packaging layouts that clearly communicate the product's assets and the fact that it belongs to the 'clean label' category.

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